Newsletter 35

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Born to Game

Schedule for this week 16th – 22nd

Sun: Open Tables
Mon: Magic the Gathering Draft 7pm
Tues: Board Games 5pm
D&D Adventure League 6pm
Wed: New Comic Book Day
Magic the Gathering Commander (1v1) 6pm
Thurs: Miniature/Table Top Gaming 5pm
Fri: MTG Friday Night Magic (Standard) 7pm
Sat: Open Tables

Comic News

New Comics This Week!

Jonathan’s Pick of the Week: Totally Awesome Hulk #21 (Marvel Comics): “WEAPONS OF MUTANT DESTRUCTION” PART FOUR! With deadly Adamantium cyborgs on the loose picking off seemingly unconnected targets, Amadeus must keep his wits about him to uncover the mystery behind the new Weapon X program. But how can he maintain his cool against the most savage threats he’s ever faced? Meanwhile, Weapon X scientists are closer than ever to perfecting BATCH H…Guest-starring OLD MAN LOGAN, SABRETOOTH, WARPATH, DOMINO and LADY DEATHSTRIKE!

Aquaman #26
Batman #27
Batwoman #5
DC Comics Bombshells #31
Green Arrow #27
Green Lanterns #27
Harley Quinn #24
Injustice 2 #6
Justice League #25
Nightwing #25
Super Sons #6
Superman #27
Trinity #11
Wild Storm #6
Lazarus X+66 #1
Moonstruck #1
All-New GotG #6
ASM Renew Your Vows #9
America #5
Astonishing X-Men #1
Daredevil #24
Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe #2
Doctor Strange #23
Invincible Iron Man #9
Luke Cage #3
Mighty Thor #21
Ms Marvel #20
Peter Parker: Spectacular Spider-man #2
Secret Empire #6
Star Wars Darth Maul #5
X-Men Gold #8
and more!

Hour of Devastation Out Now!!

Hour of Devastation Booster Boxes, Booster Packs, Bundles, and Planeswalk Decks available now!

We will be playing Standard for Friday Night Magic!

Summer hours

We are now open at 10am Mon – Fri!

Happy summer, game on.

Website Update

We are working hard on adding more cards to our website, so far added several sets including as requested, Timespiral block. What sets would you like to see next? Email to let us know or send us a message on Facebook.

Browse our online inventory here

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