50x Standard Rares

Standard Magic the Gathering rares from sets ranging from Khans of Tarkir to Battle for Zendikar. Good variety, No more than 4 copies (playset) of a single card. Picture is an example, you may or may not receive the cards … Continued

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850+ Mtg Cards Standard Sets

Magic the Gathering Cards from standard sets only. You will receive commons, uncommons, little to no basic lands, and possibly a few tokens. Sets range from Return to Ravnica to Journey into Nyx. Condition: Cards: 99% if not more are … Continued

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Garruk, Apex Predator

Card Type: Planeswalker Subtype: Garruk Casting Cost: 5 Card Text: +1: Destroy another target planeswalker. +1: Put a 3/3 black Beast creature token with deathtouch onto the battlefield. -3: Destroy target creature. You gain life equal to its toughness. -8: … Continued

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