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Born to Game

Here is what’s happening!


We’ve changed the format of our newsletter to be periodic instead of weekly. You can find our events lots of places including Facebook, our website’s event page, and google calendar.


Sun: Open Play Pokemon 1pm
Mon: Magic the Gathering Draft 7pm
Tues: Heroclix 6pm
Smash (every other week) 4pm
D&D Adventure League 6pm
Wed: New Comic Book Day
MTG Commander Rotating Format 6pm
Thurs: MiniaThursday 5pm
Legacy (every other week)
Star Wars Destiny
Fri: Friday Night Magic Rotating Format 7pm
Monthly: Last Sat of the month is Table top day (FREE)



HUGE Pop clearance sale

Don’t miss it, most pops are on sale for our lowest price ever, $9!! This excludes chase and large pops.


Singles News


We have uploaded thousands of new cards in the last few weeks to our inventory. Sets range all the way from Revised to Hour of Devastation. Expect to see more soon, including the Un-Sets.

We are also working on stream lining our buylist to work with our card scanner so you will be seeing it back in the store soon.

Pokemon FREE Open Play is growing!

Every Sunday 1pm

We had 8 people last Sunday for Pokemon Open Play. Stephanie is currently in the process of becoming a professor and we hope to eventually hold a league.

New Events

Legacy –  every other Thursday

Super popular already, $10 to play and up to 20 proxies. Also, we made the prizes less top heavy. First place can choose to purchase a dual land for buylist!!!

Heroclix – Dec 19th

Come to Born to Game’s first open play day for Heroclixs.

There will be maps here to play on and you are welcome to bring your own.

For those that have Heroclix we’ll do 400 point teams and those interested in learning, there will be someone teaching.

Unstable is Un of Control


December is dubbed as “Uncember” and so far is going great! We sold out of unstable (more coming VERY soon) and those amazing lands are selling like crazy. For Uncember, ALL of our magic events you will be able to play with Unstable cards. Wizards of the Coast officially announced that Unstable will be legal to play in sanctioned events for a limited time.

Commander Dec 13th 1v1
Un legendary creatures are a must! But if you do not want to play against decks with un cards in them you are more then welcome to play with the regular 1v1s also.


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